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The Platform For AsPiring Writers


Ink & Sword is dedicated to providing writers of all ages and from all walks of life an opportunity to express their creativity, exhibit their writing skills and entertain readers. More often than not, visionary writers struggle to find a professional publishing platform. By giving writers a secure ground for exposure and an appreciative audience, we hope to elevate their confidence and credibility.

However, this magazine isn’t just about writing. For far too many people, sitting down with a book after a busy, exhausting day can be intimidating. Therefore, to quench their passion for reading and by providing space to withdraw from the real world, we offer them original, creative and clean reading material on a variety of interesting topics. By combining first-rate material with our special editorial touch and commitment to cultivating new talent, we like to think of ourselves as the beacon standing out from the noise of the rest of the media landscape.

Come join our journey where we combine the power of pen and might of the sword to achieve our dreams, in the midst of fun, laughter, and wild tales!





Rayya Taha, Editor-in-Chief

Rabeeah Taha, Managing Editor



Amtul Noor

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Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein

Ink & sword is a magazine that gave me place, support, and  encouragement in the literary world. No discrimination. I never felt I am a POC poet. Apart from writing Poetry, now I write columns. And I thank you for the inspiration to continue. to dream.

Thank you!

Ink & Sword Magazine is a great platform for international authors to contribute literary works on relevant themes during contemporary times!



Thank you for publishing my work, you fantastic bunch of folks! It's my debut - you give me hope and strengthen my dreams. Thank you so very much!

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